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Lifestyle as Medicine

Reduce Stress •  Improve Sleep  •  Restore Immune System  •  Increase Longevity

Research has shown that STRESS and POOR DIET are the two main causes of physical and mental ailments.

The Prama Wellness Center uses a holistic approach to treat these ailments.

Health Coaching

Yoga Asanas

Juice Cleansing & Herbs


* Prama Wellness does not guarantee results. Results can vary *

Yoga Detox

& Juice Cleanse


We have three lengths of retreats designed to fit your schedule and budget.

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Featured Success Story – Max Paul Franklin

“The Prama team is amazing! They gave me the tools to reverse my diabetes. With their lifestyle change I lost 65 lbs, lowered my A1c 4 points, and now walk 6 miles a day. Thank you Team Prama for saving my life!”

Max Paul Franklin
Asheville NC

*Prama Wellness does not guarantee results. Results can vary*

Health Coaching

Wellness coaching will empower you to make lasting changes that significantly will impact your health and well-being.  We offer some great packages to support you in your health goals.

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Day Spa

These day long getaways are a great way to relax and rejuvenate and can be used as a booster session for those who have previously attended a Yoga Detox program.

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Individual Retreats

These individual stays are great for those with more chronic conditions that might need more personal attention, or for those who a more private, individual experience.

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What to expect

  • Daily Workshops on Holistic Wellness, Superfoods, and Naturopathic Health
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • Group Support
  • Delicious Light Foods
  • 1 Day of Juice & Broth Fasting (adjustments can be made)
  • Useful Detox therapies such as Mud Packs
  • Informative & Supportive Staff
  • Private/Semi Private Rooms
  • Use of Endless Pool & Sauna
  • 120 Acres of Walking Trails
  • 20 Mins. From Asheville, NC
  • Massage & Spa Treatments (at and additional cost)

General Info

When:  September 9 – 11, 2016

Location:  Prama Wellness Center

Program: 3 Day Yoga Detox & Juice Cleanse

Faculty:  Ramesh Bjonnes,Chris Guthrey,  Sid Jordan & Linda MacFarlane


Cost & Registration

Retreat Fee: Packages start at $350

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Live Longer and Happier by Healing Your Imbalanced Digestive System

Live Longer and Happier by Healing Your Imbalanced Digestive System

Scientists today are calling our digestive system the “second brain.” This digestive brain is very sophisticated and is intimately related to our immune system. When we are under stress, or when we eat the wrong type of foods, our immune system is therefore also compromised. This ecological crisis in our digestive system is one of the main leading causes of auto-immune diseases such as thyroid imbalances, lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more.

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