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Transform your life with our wellness, yoga, and meditation retreats

Prama Institute & Wellness Center

Experience health at its best with yoga, plant-based diet, and juice cleansing.

Prama Institute & Wellness Center

A community of support dedicated to your wellbeing

Improve Your Quality of Life at Our NC Wellness Retreat

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. But it is often challenging to make positive changes on our own.
Also, life happens, and sometimes we forget that self-care is important.
At the Prama Institute and Wellness Center, we provide the guidance, knowledge, and support to help you make the changes you want.

Juice Cleanse & Wellness Retreats

The Prama Wellness center offers retreats combining yoga, meditation, juice cleansing, plant-based nutrition classes, and intermittent fasting to help reduce stress, lose weight, improve digestion and immunity, increase energy, and enhance overall wellbeing.

Meditation Retreats

Our meditation retreats give you an opportunity to get away from the noise, hustle and strenuous demands of your daily routine to have time to relax, reflect, reset, experience the wellness benefits of a yoga and meditation practice.

Prama Wellness Health Coaching

Making positive changes to improve our physical and mental health can be challenging. While our retreats get you on the right path, continued support is important to help you keep on track. Health coaching is available in person, online, or by phone.


Honestly this experience has been life changing. I’ve enjoyed it immensely! I loved the yoga instructor, the food, all of the presenters and all of the exercises.

Kelli N     Jan, 2022



Encouragement, support, and community are the biggest takeaways for me. These are the building blocks that I personally needed in order to achieve my goals following the 5-day juice cleanse retreat. Unforgettable experience!

Joyal O.    Jan, 2023


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