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Health & Wellness Retreat and Conference Center

Prama Institute & Wellness Center would like to welcome you to a place of rejuvenation, peace and opportunity for physical and mental wellness.  Just 20 min outside of Asheville, North Carolina, our holistic retreat and wellness center extends a sense of renewal and revitalization you will appreciate.

When you visit at Prama, you will find a variety of health and wellness retreats and programs that will help you center your mind, body and spirit.  We offer many different styles and lengths of wellness and meditation retreats so that you can find the right retreat for your health, time and budget.


Intermittent Fasting: Five Easy Ways to a Healthy and Long Life

Intermittent Fasting: Five Easy Ways to a Healthy and Long Life

When John arrived at the Prama Wellness Center a few years ago, he had been diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease which can be quite painful and debilitating. Working a busy IT job during the week, John had very little time for family and friends on the weekend. Not because he could not fit quality family time into his schedule, but simple because he was too tired to get up from bed.

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Immune Boosting Breakfast Rituals for the Cold Season

Immune Boosting Breakfast Rituals for the Cold Season

The cold season is upon us. Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the leaves are turning bright red and yellow. The winds are chilly. Smoke can be seen from early morning chimneys. This is the time for reduced immune systems; the time for chest colds and flu fevers. But these cold season maladies are not inevitable. Not if we take charge and build up a strong defense by bolstering our immune system.

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Prama Institute North Carolina Retreat Center Juice Fasting



Prama Wellness retreat Center was designed to offer you an inviting and comfortable atmosphere to relax and enjoy the health-transforming effects of juice cleansing, combined with meditation and yoga practice. Our holistic retreat center in North Carolina offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

Through juice cleansing, yoga, meditation and health consultation, our wellness retreat center strives to:

Improve your health

Boost your immune system

Reduce stress

Enhance digestion

Improve sleep

Facilitate weight loss

Rid your body of toxins

Reduce the effects of aging

Clear your skin of toxins and oils

Prama Institute North Carolina Retreat Center Health Coaching

Health Coaching

At Prama Wellness Center, you can enjoy individual health counseling and consultation from our caring and knowledgeable staff. We offer ongoing coaching packages to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond the retreat.

Prama Institute North Carolina Retreat Center Wellness

Wellness Retreats

Our juice detox and yoga retreats at the wellness center offer the option of shared accommodation or private accommodation. Our wellness retreats are perfect for those who are just discovering their yoga or meditation practice, as well as those with a distinguished existing practice.

Prama Institute North Carolina Retreat Center Facilities

Comfortable Facilities

Our Wellness Center facilities outside of Asheville, NC are designed to help you relax while enjoying the unique health benefits of yoga, meditation, a vegetarian diet and juice cleansing. The wellness center is complete with a meditation room, cedar sauna, endless pool and calming dining area.

Prama Institute & Conference Center

Prama Institute is a meditation retreat and conference center in North Carolina. We utilize this location for our meditation retreats because of the serenity and calming atmosphere of the natural environment. The scenic landscape is a perfect sanctuary, encouraging you to look inward, reflect on your life and even commit to healthier lifestyle choices.

Prama Institute North Carolina Retreat Center Dome


The Prama Institute also serves as a great conference center and small group retreat center.

The convenient, yet remote location makes it a perfect place for:

Business retreats

Small group retreats

Business meetings

Group workshops

And special events

Just three hours from Charlotte and 20 minutes from Asheville!

Our Institute and meditation retreat center is easy to reach from North Carolina’s best airports. Our location puts you will within reach of the Tar Heel State’s most vibrant music, food and artistic displays. Find out more information about renting the Prama Institute for your event, meeting, wedding or corporate retreat.


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Prama Institute

182 Ananda Girisuta Dr.

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Prama Wellness Center

140 South Panhandle Rd.

Marshall NC, 28753


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