20 ways to enjoy Prama!


Via Rachel Maietta | July 27, 2015

Everyone that comes to Prama finds different ways to enjoy themselves.  I know there are many more but I wanted to highlight some of our staff favorites.

1. Walk the many relaxing forested trails.

We have several forested trails that vary in length.  They are relaxing and filled with nature and during summer month, wild berries.

2. Meditate at the cliffs.

Just a 10-15 minute hike from the Prama Institute will bring you underneath powerful quartz cliffs.  If you look up, you will see the cliffs natural beauty and if you look down you will see a view of the French Broad river.  It is a beautiful place to meditate, sit in peace, or chat with a friend.  It is beautiful in all seasons, but in July the rhododendron trees are in bloom.

3. Eat gourmet vegetarian food

Anytime food is prepared for you and you do not have to do dishes, that in itself is a blessing, but our food gets rave reviews.  Herbivores and carnivores alike love the meals we serve at Prama.  The simple goodness and love is tasted in every bite.

4. Practice asanas in the dome.

The practice room in the Prama Institute is a beautifully constructed 1200 square foot dome with bamboo floors.  The room is sunny and open.  Once you walk in the doors you feel the expansive nature of the room and that even enhances your practice even more.  It is wonderful place to practice asanas, meditation, dance, and more.

5. Spend time with locals and loving staff.

I can say with confidence that the staff at Prama love what they do.  We love hosting individuals and groups, we love meeting new people and we love welcoming back old friends.  Many of our neighbors also work at Prama as well.

6. Eat fresh fruit & vegetables from the garden

We have expanded our Prama garden.  We have greens even over the winter.  We grow greens, fennel, squash, herbs, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, beets, melon, and celery.

7. Find a quiet place to read and soak in the peaceful vibration.

Even if your retreat is full, there is always a quiet spot to sit and be in solitude.

8. Book a private health and wellness consultation

Prama Wellness Center specializes in helping people create health goals, and implement a plan to reach them.  You are able to book a private in-person consultation, or a ongoing coaching package via skype.

9. Experience a weekend of silence at our Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat.

It is amazing what one weekend of silence can do for your life.  This is a wonderful weekend to get in touch with yourself and listen to the subtle wisdom that is always with you.

10. Find the support you need to take charge of your health at Prama Wellness Center.

Prama Wellness Center facilitates individual and group retreats for any length of time from one day to one month. People visit us for various reasons.

11. Soak in the cedar hot tub and detox in the sauna.

To help aid your cleanse we have a cedar, inferred sauna.  Gazing up at a starry sky in our hot tub is soothing for your physical and mental state.

12. Meet a new friend.

There is always a chance to make a new friend at our retreats.

13. Learn to cook delicious, healthy, vegan, and gluten free meals at our Conscious Cooking retreats.

Many people leave the Wellness Center feeling amazing and light.  They always comment that they would like to be able to do this at home.  Our recipes are simple, healthy, and made with local and fresh ingredients.  Our Conscious Cooking Retreats are filled with hands on cooking classes, yoga, meditation, fun, and a beautiful environment.

14. Learn about the subtle science behind why we practice yoga and meditation in our Practice and Science of Yoga and Meditation.

Many people know they feel great when they practice yoga and meditation, we like to look at the reasons why.  We present the current research and ancient texts to discover the the subtle nature of why we practice.

15. Enjoy a clay treatment at the Prama Wellness Center.


There is always a chance to make a new friend at our retreats.


16. Catch a view of the French Broad River at the meditation hut located at Sid’s house.

If you have not spent time at the meditation hut, please do on your next trip to Prama.  It is an amazing place to meditation or just sit and soak up the view.

17. Spend time with the plants and animals.

While spending time at Prama you will see the rick species of plants and trees but you will also run into a few animals. Many of the neighborhood dogs will accompany you on your walks and you may also see deer, rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels, toads, and turtles.

18. Make memories around the bonfire.

Weather winter, spring, summer, or autumn a bonfire is a great way to spend the evening.  Many visitors have enjoyed drums, ceremonies, smores, songs, and conversation around the bonfire.

19. Watch the starry sky.

Being settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, set away from the lights of the city you are able to see the magnitude of the galaxy of stars that lie above us.

20. Re-discover your own true self.

When you visit Prama you will be embraced by friends and teachers in a supportive environment where you can reset your priorities and gain more balance in life.  The Sanskrit word “prama” means “dynamic balance in all spheres of life–in body, mind and spirit.”  All of the experiences listed above lend themselves towards this end.  What better gift to receive in life than to visit a place where you can become more acquainted with your true self in a harmonious way.  Returning home then takes on new meaning in better serving your needs and the needs of others.

About The Author


radhika2Rachel Maietta is the office manager at Prama Wellness Center, office assistant at Prama Institute, and a dedicated mother.  She holds BA in Developmental Psychology from Suffolk University.  She started her interest in health and wellness when starting her yoga and meditation practice 18 years ago.  Since then she has attended many workshops, retreats, and trainings on the subject.  She has happily lived and worked in the Prama community with her husband, Alex and their two young boys for the last three years.

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5 Day Juice Cleanse & Yoga Retreat – Nov 1 – 5, 2017

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