The Power of Juice Fasting

The Power of Juice Fasting

Juice cleanse programs offer multiple health benefits, including reducing stress, improving the digestive system, helping to deal with chronic diseases, or simply losing weight.

Seven Ways to Avoid Yoga Injuries

Seven Ways to Avoid Yoga Injuries

While yoga injuries are not at all as frequent as bicycle injuries or soccer injuries, for example, they do sometimes happen, and it is important to be careful. Here are seven tips to prevent injuries.

Meditation and the Better Brain

Meditation and the Better Brain

You sit down to meditate. You close your eyes and try to practice your technique. You have heard of the many benefits attributed to meditation and maybe have experienced some. After you finish the meditation, you feel different—maybe more relaxed, peaceful, aware,...

12 Scientific Reasons Why a Spring Juice Fast is Healthy

12 Scientific Reasons Why a Spring Juice Fast is Healthy

Spring is here. It’s the time of the year when I tell people it’s good to do a juice cleanse. But then some of them will ask: is there any scientific evidence that a juice cleanse is effective? They may also ask me what actually happens to the body when we practice intermittent fasting.

Why it’s Better to Eat Carrots Rather than Cows

Why it’s Better to Eat Carrots Rather than Cows

The Coronavirus is sweeping the globe at a fast rate. The Prama Institute and Wellness Center has come up with a list of several ways to strengthen your immune system naturally. The digestive system has two functions: to absorb nutrients and to eliminate what the body does not need or want—its toxic waste. So, making sure these two functions are working optimally is the key to good health and a strong immune system. 

Health & Wellness

The Fastest Way to Protect Yourself Against Viruses and Bad Bacteria

In these days of rapid globalization, unhealthy food habits, stress and dangerous viruses are spreading at an unprecedented rate. It is therefore important to have a strong immune system to stay healthy and live longer. But what is the immune system? Where is it located? And what is the best way to keep it healthy?

Intermittent Fasting: Five Easy Ways to a Healthy and Long Life

When John arrived at the Prama Wellness Center a few years ago, he had been diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease which can be quite painful and debilitating. Working a busy IT job during the week, John had very little time for family and friends on the weekend. Not because he could not fit quality family time into his schedule, but simple because he was too tired to get up from bed.

Is it Healthy to Juice in the Cold Season? Yes, It Is. But Only If You Follow These Tips.

Juicing is definitely healthy as it is one of the best ways to ensure that the body gets a high dose of vitamins and phytonutrients, which most people in the West are lacking in their diet. But is juicing for everybody and can it be done at any time of the year? To answer those questions, Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of yoga, can be very instructive.

Immune Boosting Breakfast Rituals for the Cold Season

The cold season is upon us. Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the leaves are turning bright red and yellow. The winds are chilly. Smoke can be seen from early morning chimneys. This is the time for reduced immune systems; the time for chest colds and flu fevers. But these cold season maladies are not inevitable. Not if we take charge and build up a strong defense by bolstering our immune system.

Best Foods for Fall According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda instructs us not only to live in tune with our individual body type, but also the seasonal environment. During the colder vata season, it is important to maintain a regular routine with our meals and to eat warm, soupy foods.

Science Proves that Fasting Helps Regenerate Cells

In 2016, the Japanese cellular biologist Yoshinori Oshumi won the Nobel Prize for proving the process of authophagy, the way cells utilizes and recycles unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components. In other words, I was able to heal my chronic condition during my 14 day juice fast because the fast allowed my cells to detox, regenerate and rebuild themselves.

Prama Wellness brings World-Renowned Nutrition Expert, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, to Asheville

The Prama Wellness Center recently organized a one-day seminar entitled “Eat to Live: A Lifestyle Program for Health and Longevity” with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. More than 120 enthusiastic participants attended this thought-provoking one-day program on Saturday, March 16, 2019, at the Jubilee Church in downtown Asheville, NC. The Vegan Society and Edible Musings were sponsors for the event.

Six Super-herbs (Adaptogens) for Body, Mind and Soul

Have you ever heard of the term adaptogen? An adaptogen is an herb which helps the body adapt to stress in a more balanced way. These herbs have been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. But it is only recently, however, that scientists have begun to study these potent plants.

12 Scientific Reasons Why a Spring Juice Fast is Healthy

Spring is here. It’s the time of the year when I tell people it’s good to do a juice cleanse. But then some of them will ask: is there any scientific evidence that a juice cleanse is effective? They may also ask me what actually happens to the body when we practice intermittent fasting.

Whole Foods CEO Says Fruit Juices Contain Too Much Sugar! True or False?

Many plant-based food experts claim that fresh fruit juices contain too much sugar and are therefore unhealthy. One of the latest of these anti-fruit-juicing messages comes from the book, The Whole Foods Diet by John Mackey, the CEO and founder of Whole Foods Market. What are the facts?

Meditation & Mindfulness

Self Care Series 1: Balancing Care for Self and Others

Many of us may not have yet fully embraced a program of self-care. Our busy
culture may not support talking care of ourselves and in many instances views self
care as selfishly motivated. Where is the balance between care of self and care of

Letting Go of Stress in Our Bodies by Retraining the Brain

Stress accumulates in our bodies in the form of chronic muscle contractions often out of the range of our awareness until we experience chronic soreness and pain. Thomas Hanna in his classic book, Somatics, points out that these chronic muscle contractions in our bodies result in “sensory and motor amnesia (SMA)”.

Top 10 Tips for Better Meditation

#10 – Minimize interruptions This can be done by eliminating anything external that can disturb your concentration. Lower the volume on your phone, close the door, close your eyes and for the time being leave the ordinary world behind. It is also helpful to let your...

Humans are Wired for Meditation and Compassion

When we meditate we approach the true nature of what it means to be human. Our true nature is to become one with our most compassionate Self. Meditation is a science of intuition that leads the ego to compassionate expressions that serve the common welfare.

Mantra and Mindfulness: Supporting Your Meditation Practice

Mantra (man=mind; tra=liberate) is a Sanskrit word whose repetition helps us free ourselves ourselves from all the attachments of our physical and mental lives. Mantra meditation is based on the subtle nature of sound vibrations that help with concentration on a positive idea and enhancing our intuition.

Nurturing a Meditation Practice: A Birthright

We have been nurturing a meditation or contemplative practice for our entire life span.  As babies we started with repeating sounds in a singsong fashion.  In a recent NPR interview on Krista Tippet’s On Being program Alice Parker, a renowned chorale leader, commented on singing- “It’s one of the things that we’re born with.

The Neuroscience of Meditation and Yoga

For over 50 years, advances in western science have been validating the wisdom of eastern mysticism. Today, vibrant interest and research in the neuroscience community is demonstrating that the practices of meditation and yoga are profoundly transforming our bodies and minds.

Benefits of Silent Meditation

Whether you are an experienced or beginning meditator your can benefit from a more intensive period of silent meditation to quiet the mind and reset your heart felt priorities.

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