GOOD NEWS ….the Prama Institute and Wellness Center is alive and well and ready to grow. Admittedly, the last year and a half have been very difficult. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, people continued to enjoy our in-person and online programs to strengthen their health, relax and expand their minds, and elevate their spirits.

For 2022, we are looking forward to continue offering these programs as well as new, exciting ones, such as…

  • FREE, 15-minute “Wellness Consultationsto introduce people to the key ideas of taking control of their health. This will support us bringing in new business and target a much broader and potentially stronger, local demographic for Prama.
  • An entirely new meditation retreat, called “The Joy of Meditation – A Practical Meditation Retreat”, which will combine both practice and theory.
  • Two (2), new 10-Day Yoga-Detox Retreats, for those who want a deeper cleansing experiences.
  • And probably one of the most exciting things were will be doing… for those who really want to share the Prama Wellness Method™ with others, we will be launching a Prama Wellness Certification Program! This Prama certification program will provide future wellness coaches with knowledge and skills to help others achieve great health and balance in their lives.

Your support is essential for our work to continue. Please consider a contribution to help us succeed in 2022!


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