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Via Rachael Maietta | June 10, 2015

After working at Prama for three years I have noticed something very important, everyone that works here truly loves what they do and the people they are blessed to meet everyday. The last three weekends, Prama have set up booths at festivals and expos. We like to meet people face to face and get to know them. We find it is a great way to explain that we are so much more than a retreat center. We are able to tell people about our individual programs, day spas, health coaching, massage, new projects, our history, and neighborhood. We are able to answer questions about our community and the richness and magic that happens there.
At our most recent festival we attended LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival) where we were able to meet many new people and reconnect with old friends. We were situated in between the Earth and Sky tent. We were able to witness the many talents of the local health and wellness field. With the endless amounts of activity at this festival including fire dancers, continuous live music, educational workshops, art, and socializing we were touched at how many people stopped by our booth and attended our workshop.
Ramesh Bjonnes, director of Prama Wellness Center facilitated a class on Jucing and Superfoods for Health and Wellness. We also invited people to our booth for free Ayurvedic health consultations. This work is important to us and we want to share it with others. Besides the desire to spread information, Prama attends expos and festivals with the hopes of attracting people to visit our center, but we always leave with a larger sense of community. We are able to meet other local practitioners, listen to peoples needs, and share our vision. Many people came to our booth and shared their experiences at Prama. We leave feeling more connected those around us and inspired to improve and expand our vision for our service to our community.[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]


About The Author

Rachel Maietta
is the office manager at Prama Wellness Center, office assistant at Prama Institute, and a dedicated mother.  She holds BA in Developmental Psychology from Suffolk University.  She started her interest in health and wellness when starting her yoga and meditation practice 18 years ago.  Since then she has attended many workshops, retreats, and trainings on the subject.  She has happily lived and worked in the Prama community with her husband, Alex and their two young boys for the last three years.


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