By Dr. Guildeniz Ucelen (Guest Writer)

A Tribute to the Alkaline Diet: How COVID Healed My Body

Last week, I tested positive for COVID-19, and my health took a pleasant turn for the better. That doesn’t sound right, but that is exactly what happened. Here is how it all unfolded.

The day before I tested positive, I read Ramesh Bjonnes’ wonderful article, “The Body’s Buffer System: The Secret to Health.” The article is about the importance of an alkaline diet, and it confirmed it was really time for me to make a change. I had contemplated shifting my diet to an alkaline one for a while. I made some feeble attempts and even fantasized about attending a juice-fasting program at Prama as a kickstart. However, I never pulled it off. Then, Covid made me make the change, and I am grateful for it.

The first day, neither my mind nor my body was interested in my daily dose of homemade artisan latte made to perfection in a pot with frothed raw milk. I was able to eat small portions of fruits. But I couldn’t do anything else but sleep through the day and night, which allowed my body to work through the caffeine and sugar withdrawal without my mind struggling with it. With the inspiration from Ramesh’s article and some help from COVID-19, I continued to stick to my alkaline diet.

Within a few days, I experienced some amazing health benefits from the alkaline diet of mainly fruits and vegetables despite having a COVID-19 infection. First, my hand joints felt much stronger. Now, I can open jars without difficulty and lift heavy dishes with ease. Rheumatoid arthritis runs on both sides of my family, and I thought it was my destiny, too. I was particularly concerned about losing my ability to play guitar, and my fingers already felt nimbler on the strings.

I also feel much more energetic in the morning and throughout the day. Instead of dragging myself out of my bed for my morning meditation or pushing the snooze button repeatedly, I am fully ready and excited to start another wonderful day before my target wake-up time. I also have more clarity in my thoughts and feel more inner peace. The online meditation/yoga retreat during the last two days of my quarantine helped with this as well.   

Being free from the physical addiction to caffeine, sugar, and processed carbs, I fully appreciate the unique and magical tastes of all the fruits and veggies. 

The fourth day of my quarantine was my birthday, and what a wonderful birthday gift I have received this whole week! Ramesh’s article, COVID-19 virus, a heart-warming meditation retreat, and all the love and care from my friends and family made it all happen. The most important part–the alkaline diet. Thank you, ever-giving Universe!

Dr. Guldeniz Yucelen is a Clinical Psychologist in New Haven, CT.

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