Introduction To Mindfulness & Mantra Meditation

In this podcast Ramesh Bjonnes will introduce you to some of the secrets to mindfulness and mantra meditation from the yoga tradition. His unique insight in how to combine these two techniques reveals that in order to be present in the moment while meditating, concentration follows mindfulness and mantra follows concentration. He shares how breath can be a gateway to deeper consciousness and that meditation is “to remember” to be one with this consciousness. “Meditation with closed eyes,” he says, “is to remember our true nature, meditation with open eyes is to see all as sacred.”  In this podcast, he gives a brief overview of some of the yogic techniques used to achieve this.

Introduction to Mindfulness and Mantra Meditation

by Ramesh Bjonnes

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A beginners guide to spiritual meditation, this covers commonly asked questions, mantra meditation, sense withdrawal and concentration, the law of karma, intuition, and the role of a spiritualist in the world. It offers a simple but profound description of the true meaning of meditation, taking the reader well beyond stress management and relaxation. Full of stories, anecdotes and gentle humour this book makes the philosophy behind meditation accessible to both beginners and experienced meditators.

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