Julia Louise Sickler | Translator for Industries, Generations and Cultures

Anglo-Saxon Name: Julia Louise Margon Sickler

Native American Ancestral Name: Red Wing

Sanskrit Name: Jyotii Jaya-Shrii

Julia is a businesswoman by trade, a musician and artist by heart, a medicine woman by tradition, an event producer by love, an environmental economics scientist by academia, a mother by soul, a gangster by living in the streets of West Philly, and a philanthropist with a mission to unite the world’s global leaders to create a morally and socially conscious new world. By innovatively navigating the dynamic fields of digital marketing and large scale gatherings for over ten years, Julia has gained vast experience in the ecommerce, entertainment, environmental science, holistic healthcare, and transformational events industries. Having been an educator and thought leader for millennials through music festival production, academia, the public school system and social media, Julia has also produced a documentary on sustainability and a television show on holistic healthcare, and was recently the Keynote Speaker on Environmental Economics at Permaculture Action Day in Nashville, Tennessee.

For her master’s thesis research on utilizing entertainment as a form of education, in the Spring of 2018, Julia lived in Africa in the Nyungwe National Park conducting field research and analyzing data utilizing advanced statistical software systems for the Wildlife Conservation Society. While in Rwanda, in order to be of service, she also conducted several digital marketing training sessions for the Rwandan government to assist with climate change mitigation. Her research on the experience was presented at the national American Association of Geographers conference in New Orleans.

In addition to being an international marketing specialist, Julia has also worked in every aspect of event production for festivals up to 30,000 people. Her preferred production roles include volunteer coordination, artist hospitality, marketing and branding, and co-producer. Notable festivals she has worked for recently include Envision Festival in Costa Rica, Lost Lands in Ohio, Hulaween in Florida, Unifier Festival in Massachusetts, Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival in Maryland, LEAF Festival and Solasta Festival in Asheville.

Julia has always been interested in politics, and served as President of the Montclair South End Business District after volunteering for the town’s business alliance and petitioning to create the South End District to better serve the needs of local community members. One of her last ventures in Northern New Jersey included helping launch a successful herbal medicine apothecary, clinic, and education center called Integrative Herbalism.

After being called by the spirit of the mystic mountains during an experience at Unifier Festival in Massachusetts, Julia relocated to the Asheville community in December of 2018, and launched her own company where she combines all of her missions, Red Wing Enterprises. In the entertainment realm, she was on the production team for over 20 local and regional music events in 2019 alone, and was the producer for the highly renowned “Masquerade in the Mountains: Marshall’s First Annual Masked Ball,” February 2nd 2020, which featured 600 attendees spanning multiple generations the current culture of arts and music in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This event was produced within one day of her return from working for the psychedelic harm reduction department, NEST, at Envision Festival in Costa Rica 2020. She was bestowed the “Wise Owl” award for her ability to instantly manage the data software system to create an efficient protocol for the intake of medical, harm reduction, and herbal care clinic patients.

Her philanthropy extends to being an active volunteer organizer for Harmonia Sanctuary, a psychedelic harm reduction organization, and Food Connection, a sustainable food pantry non-profit. Previously, she has volunteered for many non-profit organizations to benefit the homeless community and the activism arts community. Volunteer endeavours include a vast array of global disaster relief efforts including Hurricane Katrina and the Darfur Genocide. 

Through a series of social experiments, she contributed to the music and arts scene of West Philadelphia, where she used to help with VIP jam session parties with “The Roots” and Quest Love. Julia has been known to throw down on a rap battle or two, and is always the first one to pick up the microphone when it is live. Julia helped run underground EDM warehouse parties, punk shows and benefit concerts for the Ron Paul campaign at The Marvelous Recording Studio. She is a trained vocalist and has studied the main three operatic languages, and sang in Drexel University’s Jazz Choir, Naturally Sharp. After these experiments, she underwent a serious five year period of complete sobriety and spoke at many rehabilitation centers, jails and institutions. It was then when she gained the spiritual grounding to heal the wounds of her ancestors in order to continue to practice of devotion to Earth’s plant medicine.

One of her main current enterprises is working with the Prama Institute and Wellness Center to help spread their message of yoga, balance and health to the greater Southeast area through advanced digital marketing and content creation. During Quarantine, she is the marketing director for Infinity Greens, a powerful vegan and organic superfoods supplement company, and is writing the book on the ethics of Coronavirus marketing.

Her newest name, channeled in Sanskrit in April of 2020, is Jyotti Jaya-Shrii, is translated to the bringer of divine lightning to Earth and the source of all intelligence, the Goddess of Victory. It may be loosely related in other cultures to Zeus, Prometheus, and the Snake from the Garden of Eden. Jyotti is currently studying Anandamarga under, Dr. Sid Jordan, a licensed clinical psychologist and yoga teacher since 1971. As a clinical psychologist, he taught psychotherapy and community psychology in the Department of Psychiatry and served as director of the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Services in a community center at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC over a period of 25 years. Since 1994, he has been developing a green intentional community north of Asheville on 140 acres of land.

Julia strongly believes in the power of data science and digital advertising, but also that the best approach to global solutions is through community outreach, entertainment and education. She is a Certified Wellness Instructor from the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a Registered Yoga Teacher with the American Yoga Academy, and a graduate of Drexel University with a bachelors in Entertainment and Arts Management. In 2018, she completed a Master’s degree with honors in Sustainability Science and Environmental Economics from Montclair State University. She will be returning as a keynote speaker to Montclair State University in the Fall of 2020, under the direction of Dr. Pankaj Lal, who was awarded a climate change research award from the Obama Administration. Considerations for PhD research at multiple Universities are underway, pending her lifestyle status post-Quarantine.


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