Sid Jordan

Living in the present is aided by taking the position of “I don’t know where I am going or what is coming next”.  This posture is an honest admission of how little we know and opens us to what is right in front of us or within us at the moment—the  images (using all 5 sense) and the feelings we are having in the moment.  The meaning of this experience can be translated through our heart-felt feelings rather than over thinking with our rational minds.

Meditation practices help us achieve this stance of living in the moment by focusing on the breath, reciting a mantra and releasing all the chatter that invariably comes up in our mind.  Taking a break from the chatter and living in the moment with eyes open or closed in a contemplative stance can be very refreshing.

It is a contemplative exercise to observe and greet all that is bursting forth in the spring.  Prepare for this by doing 10 minutes of meditation today to clear the mind and then go wandering in the beautiful springtime images that are unfolding.  This is assuming a stance of living in the sensory moment without having to explain where you are going or what you are doing—simply observing and living in the present.


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