The silence was wonderful. The facility was clean and beautiful. I’m sure everyone will mention the FOOD!! I enjoyed the schedule and the freedom to opt out of certain things. I had a great time and will be back again!

Anne Hall

The yoga classes, pushing my meditation more, nature walk, chanting, pretty much everything. It was awesome. Thank you so much for this experience. You guys helped me awaken my love more. I thank you so much for that.

Freddy Soria

From the beautiful dome and accommodations, to the healthy and enticing gourmet meals, it made my heart sing! The sincerity of each person involved at Prama Institute in making this Silent Retreat a success was evident throughout the weekend. It was seamless and inspirational. Most important were the meditation and yoga sessions and how they resonated in my soul. Thank you.

Anne Connolly


The land, facilities, classes. Facilitators, vibrations food, rooms. I felt very cared for, comfortable at home, at ease. Thank you for one of best weekends I have had in a long time. It was exactly where I needed to be.


Tia Mueller

I love the dome- the sounds in there. Peace and quiet, birds and beautiful mountains So lovely. The vibs here is so calming and peaceful. The food was awesome.

Julie Flanager

Warm hospitality (the feeling of being among family and at home), the leaders and guests provided their knowledge and experience (including talents), the delicious, nutritious meals and assortment of teas, the beautiful restorative setting.


The beauty and peacefulness of the place, the kindness and generosity of the people, the clarity of the teachers, the wonderful food. It was perfect. Thank you for the space and support to open the door to me heart and begin its true healing.

Amanda Looper

The silence, the instructions, the dancing, the drawing spiritual journey, the creativity, yoga instructor who gave many variations for various levels, flexibility and schedule.  The food. It was a great weekend. Thank you.

Amanda Chase

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here in the silent meditation retreat. I was able to fell calm, clearheaded and focused and I will try to find some time each day to meditate and recapture that feeling. Thank you.

Sandi Brinich

All of it. Honestly, it was great. Excellent mix of meditation, yoga, silence, kind people, great facilities, and great food!! I appreciate the opportunity to just be. Nice teachings, walk, natural beauty. Really just perfect. (And I’m not easy to please usually, so really!)

Bill Chase

Nice atmosphere, beautiful house and surroundings, walks, kiirtan, meditation, food, cliffs, SILENCE, music. My stay was extremely pleasant. Thank you so much!!!

Molina Beerman

I particularly enjoyed the yoga classes and the early morning mediations and kiirtan. The food was amazing!  The meditative walk was also very good and I enjoyed meditating in the nature. The accommodations were very comfortable as well and I didn’t feel the need to ask for anything.

Vandy Prasad

The hospitality has been excellent. The staff is amazing, kind people. The facilities are very clean and well kept. The sense of peace and joy at the Prama Institute is almost palpable, and I really appreciate being allowed to be here.

Nina Collins


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