Holistic Health & Wellness Center in North Carolina


Prama Wellness Center was constructed in 2012 and designed to provide a quiet, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for all retreat participants. Located just 20 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina, Prama’s health and wellness retreat center has amenities for a relaxing and revitalizing getaways, while offering a close drive to North Carolina’s most popular destinations.  Experience the soothing power of yoga, meditation, juice cleansing and vegetarian food with any of our 3-day, 5-day or 10-day retreats at our health and wellness retreat center.


Having eight hours of sound sleep will boost your health and immune system and help you overcome obesity, depression and various kinds of heart diseases. Our private and semi-private rooms are equipped with sheets and pillows for guests’ use. When you wake up in our quiet, remote wellness center, you’ll feel stronger, healthier and more relaxed.

Our Wellness Center has a total of 5 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. Depending on the event and the needs of the participants, these rooms can be utilized as private rooms for singles, couples or for groups of up to 4 people. Please note that there are extra charges for those needing private rooms and we cannot guarantee a private room for all participants.  Our Wellness Center is also equipped with a room that features a shower for those with physical disabilities. When registering for one of our programs, please contact us about room availability if you have any special needs.


The sauna installed in our North Carolina spa detox retreat center enables the body to sweat, causing a release of toxins and oils. Just 15 to 30 minutes in the sauna helps you produce the average amount of sweat most people yield daily.  Saunas have been used for centuries to allow the body to detoxify itself, reducing the amount of lead, copper, mercury, nickel and other harmful chemicals. Our cedar sauna is a unique part of our spa detox retreat center, designed to help you flush out toxins, relieve stress and cleanse the skin while helping you look younger, and burn calories to maintain a healthy weight.


Going out on a hike adds tremendous value to your mental health and physical well-being. When you participate in any of our health and wellness or spa detox retreats, you’ll have full access to our scenic walking trails. It’s a great step to increase your fitness and shed unwanted pounds as you burn more than 500 calories within an hour.  Walking on a natural path also helps you improve your cardiovascular health while lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure.


The dining area at our health and wellness center can seat about 8 to 10 people. It’s a great place to enjoy your fresh juice while interacting with other retreat guests. We serve a wide range of specially prepared vegetarian dishes. Our meals will improve your digestion and enhance the functionality of vital organs such as your liver, kidneys, heart and pancreas.


Prama Wellness Center offers weekend, five-day or 10-day retreat options so that you can find the best fit for your health and budget. Enjoy a retreat for yourself, with friends or a family member.

Experience the unique cleansing and detoxing power of our health and wellness retreats by registering for one of our upcoming retreats today!


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