The Prama Wellness Method

The Prama Wellness Method is based on the unique integration of various natural health systems. By combining these different practices, we have achieved a new and highly effective approach to holistic health. It is a system that

⇒ cleanses and rejuvenates our body,
⇒ boosts our immune system,
⇒ prevents imbalances and illness,
⇒ reduces stress
⇒calms and strengthens the mind,
⇒ and maintains long-term wellness.

Here are the different practices at the core of the Prama Wellness Method:

Juice Cleansing

All major holistic health systems teach that cleansing the body of toxins is the most important first step in restoring health. Studies by Dr. Valter Longo have shown that intermittent fasting, including juice cleansing, help improve the digestive system, flush out toxins from the bloodstream and re-energize your body. Juice cleansing restores health and energy through a process called autophagy—where damaged cells are being restored back to health due to a combination of calorie restriction and super-nutrition. That’s why you feel and look so good after a juice cleanse—you have literally been renewed on a cellular level. The Prama Wellness Method uses proven juice and smoothie recipes to achieve this cleansing process.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Another critical factor in building and sustaining a healthy body and mind is to modify the lifestyle that created our problems in the first place. This is where Ayurveda is very helpful. There is no better system for creating positive lifestyle changes than a personalized health regimen based on Ayurvedic principles.  The diagnostic tools of Ayurveda teach you how to eat and live according to your own unique personality and body-type. These changes in your lifestyle will help you feel and perform so much better.

Plant-based food

A growing number of studies affirms that a nutrient dense, plant-based diet is the most optimum nourishment for human life. This food is an essential part of the diet of those who live in the Blue Zones—regions of the planet where people live the longest. A plant-based diet is also the most environmentally sustainable. At our PWC programs, we only serve plant-based foods and teach you how to integrate them into your daily regimen. You will learn many new ideas for maximizing nutrition and health with plant-based foods at home.

Therapeutic yoga

The yoga we practice at the Prama Wellness Center is slow and gentle. It helps in regulating the breath and bringing the body and mind into a state of peace and relaxation. Slow yoga is becoming increasingly popular as an antidote to our stressful lifestyle. It is effective in balancing hormones, flushing the endocrine system of toxins, and building better digestion.

Mindfulness and Mantra Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a time-tested method for reducing stress and increasing our willpower. Combined with mantra meditation, we can dive into deeper meditative states. By practicing regular meditation, we relax more and become more fully present and alive. Research has also shown how meditation reduces inflammation in the body, one of the major reasons for heart disease and diabetes, and offers multiple positive effects for mental health.

Stress management

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, there are two main reasons for poor health: stress and bad lifestyle choices. Therefore, learning how to cope with stress is key to long term wellbeing. The Prama Wellness Method helps reduce stress through its integrated approach to health using plant-based diet, yoga, meditation and stress management.

Personal Consultation

One of the unique offerings in our Prama Wellness programs is a personal consultation during which we will help you design an individualized lifestyle program. When you combine this consultation with all the rest you will learn during our programs, you will be well equipped to adopt your own integrative lifestyle program at home.


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