The staff of the Prama Institute & Wellness Center is pleased to announce that we will be opening up our in-person retreats on a limited basis, starting at the end of July. In order to maintain a safe environment for all of us, we will be strictly adhering to the guidelines of state and local health officials regarding the present health crisis. As we are all in this together, we also hope that our attendees will help us maintain a healthy environment for everyone. Below is a list of measures that we will be following and will be asking you to follow some as well:

Our commitment:

  • We will maintain thorough cleaning, sanitizing and ventilation protocols throughout our facility.
  • We will require Wellness Checks before the retreat begins for all staff.
  • We will hold all retreats at the Prama Institute (not at the Wellness Center) and maintain registration at 8 persons only. This will ensure ample space for social distancing.
  • We will accommodate attendees only in private rooms, either alone or with a companion.
  • We will wear face masks while participating in the retreat.
  • We will follow physical distancing guidelines and provide ample spacing during programs and meals.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer stations and lots of soap and water to wash hands frequently.
  • Meals will be served by Prama staff instead of our usual buffet style.

Your commitment:

  • You will choose another time to visit Prama:
    • if you are ill
    • if you have been exposed in the last 14 days to anyone with COVID-19, or been exposed to an area with COVID-19 outbreaks or rapidly rising cases
    • if you have travelled internationally in the last 14 days
  • You will wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer if needed.
  • You will wear your face mask during the retreat while moving around indoors. (Wearing masks will not be necessary in your room, at mealtime, during programs, or outdoors.)
  • You will follow social/physical distancing guidelines both indoors and outside.
  • Prior to your arrival, we will ask you to sign our COVID-19 Waiver.

We believe that by following these procedures, we will together create a healthy, peaceful, and relaxing retreat environment for all. If you have any further questions regarding how the Prama Institute is working to ensure your safety during your in-person retreat, please contact us at



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