I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to complete a 5 day detox program.  The experience is life changing and to be able to be here with such support, care love, and joy makes it possible.  If you are ready to embrace change – visit PRAMA!

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Ramesh Bjonnes

Ramesh Bjonnes has been teaching and writing about yoga philosophy and history for the past 25 years. He is the co-founder of the Prama Institute, a yoga retreat center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA, where he is director of the Prama Wellness Center. He is the author of three books on yoga and Tantra, including A Brief History of Yoga. His forthcoming book is titled The Lost Teachings of Tantra. Websites: www.prama.org  www.rameshbjonnes.org


Juice Cleanse Yoga Immersion| June 9-13, 2021


(Shared or Private Accommodation)

This new advanced program offers a deeper understanding and experience of the Prama Wellness Method. It is designed for those who have attended at least one previous Juice Cleanse & Yoga Retreat at the Prama Institute & Wellness Center. It will help you refresh some forgotten information and also present some completely new material. This retreat is also great for those who just want a wellness reset and to deepen their knowledge of plant-based nutrition, Ayurveda, juicing, yoga and meditation.

This retreat consists of the following:

Yoga to Strengthen and Revitalize: During this advanced retreat, our experienced yoga instructors will refresh your practice as well as help you take it to the next level. The classes will focus on five special yoga asana practices that are especially beneficial in strengthening digestion and the immune system.

Deepen Your Knowledge of Nutrition, Fasting and Ayurveda:  You will be able to deepen your knowledge through new classes that build on what you learned at prior retreats. There will be new classes on:

  • Ayurvedic principles of digestion
  • Ayurvedic herbs for digestion and immunity
  • Ayurvedic food plan for your body type
  • The latest scientific findings on fasting
  • Special yoga practices for digestive cleansing
  • How to build immunity with foods, juices and herbs
  • How to personalize and optimize a healthier lifestyle
  • Detoxifying foods—for breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Super-herbs for healthy smoothies
  • How to cleanse negative emotions
  • Liver and gallbladder friendly fruits and vegetables
  • And much more

Delicious and Healing Vegan Meals: As before, we will provide a carefully selected menu of pure vegan meals. We prepare vegan dishes that offer the combined benefits of enhanced digestion, removal of toxins and balanced nourishment.

Health Consultation: We will discuss and update your health situation and assist you in your journey toward better health.  You will receive professional advice and detailed information on how to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, revisit or determine (for first-timers) your Ayurvedic body type and suggest modifications to your diet when needed.

Juice Cleanse: As the main focus of our 5-day juice detox retreats, Prama provides different types of juices to help eliminate toxins and improving your digestive system, internal organs and the bloodstream. This is particularly essential if you have been diagnosed with any condition affecting your liver, kidneys, colon or other vital, internal organs. The juice cleanse gives your body a chance to gently detox while receiving high doses of much needed micronutrients from the liquid fruits and vegetables. One specialty of our juice procedure is that we serve the juices in a soup bowl with a spoon to further enhance relaxation, taste, and cleansing during the fast.

Other Holistic Options: Our 5-day retreats also include periods of free time that you can use to take advantage of our many other holistic amenities such as mud treatments, cedar sauna, or scenic hiking trails.


Note: For the time being, shared accommodation is for two(2) persons who are a couple or friends and can stay in one room together.


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