What are sound baths or sound healing practices?

Sound baths are not a new form of therapy. The ancient Greeks used music to cure mental problems, and throughout history in both the East and West, sound has been used for physical and mental healing, relaxation, meditation, and for devotional practices. It is believed that sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve deep states of relaxation and to help restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.

Meditation and Sound Healing Retreat | March 1-3, 2024


With Jahidi and Ramesh Bjonnes

In this retreat, we will engage body, mind, and spirit through yoga, meditation, and sound healing.

With his Healing Power of Sound program, Jahidi will bring you deep into your innermost essence during this transformational 3-day meditation and sound healing retreat. Jahidi is a master drummer and sound healer. With him, you will embark on a series of immersive shamanic sound journeys as he uses many types of sound techniques—drums, gongs, cymbals, singing bowls, voice, and more. These instruments can all help to shift low energy frequencies to higher feelings of love, peace, and joy.

Combined with breathwork, yoga, meditation, and mantra practices Jahidi and Ramesh will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, transformation, and embodiment.



All Registration fees include program activities as well as accommodations.

Scholarships: We offer a limited number of sliding scale scholarships for some of our retreats. Contact info@prama.org for more information.

PI Dorms refers to dorm rooms with non-attached bathrooms, located at the Prama Institute.

PI Private refers to private rooms with non-attached bathrooms, located at the Prama Institute.

PWC Private refers to rooms with attached bathrooms, located at the Prama Wellness Center.

All programs are currently being held at the Prama Institute. The two buildings are located a 5 min drive/10-15 min walk from each other.

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Ramesh Bjonnes

Ramesh is the Director of the Prama Wellness Center where lifestyle is considered our best medicine. Ramesh is also a writer, yogi and workshop leader. He studied yoga therapy in Nepal and India, Ayurveda at California College of Ayurveda and is a certified yoga detox theraphist from the AM Wellness Center in Cebu, Philippines. He has taught workshops in many countries and is the author of four books, including Sacred Body, Sacred Spirit (InnerWorld) and Tantra:The Yoga of Love and Awakening (Hay House India).

Susan Rae

As a certified yoga instructor since 2014, Susan enjoys teaching her class, “Yoga for Self Love”.  She also teaches Qigong and likes to engage her students in both practices to cultivate present moment awareness, loving kindness, and ease and lightness in body, mind, heart and soul. Susan regularly teaches at Weaverville Yoga and offers outdoor classes during the warmer months in a valley at her Weaverville home. Susan is a certified Reiki practitioner and is available for energy healing sessions.


Jahidi is a sonic alchemist, master drummer, and shamanic sound healer. Weaving soulful grooves and tribal beats with powerful spoken mantras, Jahidi creates a sacred space for deep transformation and catalyzes unity through rhythm and song. Jahidi’s drumbeats, singing bowls, and other instruments will enliven your body, ignite your heart and spark your soul.


The Prama institute and Wellness Center reserves the right to cancel a Prama Institute(PI) or a Prama Wellness Center(PWC) program at any time.  If PI/PWC cancels a program, you will be given a minimum of 1 weeks notice and receive a full refund.  Cancellations may also be transferred to other programs organized by PI/PWC.

Refunds are available (less a $100 processing fee) up to fourteen days before the start date of the program.  If a cancellation occurs between fourteen and three days (72 hours) before the start date of the program, your fee can be transferred to any other PI/PWC organized program (less a $100 cancellation fee) within one year.  No credits or refunds are available for cancellations three days or less before the start date of a program, or for no-shows, or for leaving an event early.  People cancelling 14 days or less before the start of a program can also transfer their space and fee to an unregistered participant.  Please allow seven days for processing of fees.


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