I enjoyed the silence and not worrying about what time I was eating and what I was making for dinner. All my daily tasks were thought out for me and I was able to fully enjoy the classes, my surroundings, and the facility. The staff was amazing and the food absolutely wonderful. Jaclyn G.

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The Prama Institute & Wellness has taken steps to ensure safe and healthy in-person retreats for everyone. Click here to learn more.

Silent Meditation & Yoga Retreat | Nov 20-22


It is amazing how only a couple days of silence can create a sense of self discovery and camaraderie.  Our Slient Meditation and Yoga Retreats give participants the opportunity to connect with themselves and others at a deeper level beyond the usual discourse. This weekend retreat will give you the opportunity to revitalize yourself, unclutter your mind, deepen your understanding of yourself and others, and discover sources of strength you may have only glimpsed but now can come to own.  Silence allows you the time you always wanted to put things into perspective, find the balance, and recognize what the signs of your life are trying to tell you. LEARN MORE Double Accommodation (couples or friends) – $1,000 (Until- Oct. 31st 2020), $1,100 (After Oct 31st 2020) (for couples or friends who will stay in the same room) Private Accommodation – $550 (Until- Oct. 31st 2020), $595 (Until- Oct. 31st 2020)

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