Spring Cleanse Retreat | May 23 – 27, 2018


Traditionally, spring is a time to clean house and bring the sunshine and warmth back in. Spring is also a great time to cleanse and lighten the body from a long and dark winter of heavier foods and lack of movement.  

Many scientific studies have shown the great health benefits of regular juice fasting, or what is now popularly called “intermittent fasting.” So here’s your chance to practice the science of intermittent fasting—which claims you’ll live both longer and healthier—and to come back and enjoy the Prama experience in the company of other alumnae.

Not only is spring a great time to cleanse the body of toxins from too much fat, refined carbohydrates and sugar, it is also a great time to cleanse the mind. By shedding negative thoughts and perceptions, we can take a load off our whole being. One of the best ways to do that is to practice yoga and meditation daily, which you will do at this Spring Cleanse Retreat.

We at Prama recommend to cleanse with juice a couple of days each month and then do a longer fast for 3-10 days a couple of times a year. So, if you haven’t done your bi-annual “freshen me up” juice fast yet, then this spring will be a great time to do it.

Shared Accommodation – $995

Private Accommodation –$1195 

Massage is also available for an extra fee. Book now and save! 



Deep Tissue Massage

Rejuvenation Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Thai Massage

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