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Ramesh Bjonnes

Ramesh is the Director of the Prama Wellness Center where lifestyle is considered our best medicine. Ramesh is also a writer, yogi and workshop leader. He studied yoga therapy in Nepal and India, Ayurveda at California College of Ayurveda and is a certified yoga detox theraphist from the AM Wellness Center in Cebu, Philippines. He has taught workshops in many countries and is the author of four books, including Sacred Body, Sacred Spirit (InnerWorld) and Tantra: The Yoga of Love and Awakening (Hay House India).

Howard Nemon

Howard has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 45 years. After receiving extensive training in the US and India, he has been sharing his knowledge and experiences of the science of yoga throughout the US and abroad. In 2006, he was a co-founder of the Prama Institute and has been one of the main faculty since then. His workshops and retreats focus on personal growth, lifestyle change, holistic health, the practice of silence, meditation, community building, and social transformation.

Tantra, Mantra and Kundalini: The Three Pillars of Yogic Awakening

Online Zoom Program with Ramesh Bjonnes and Howard Nemon

Saturday, March 20, 2020 (11:00am – 1:00pm; 2:00pm – 4pm EST)
All registrants will receive a recording of the program.


Tantra yoga is becoming increasingly popular today. Yet, there are few places where you can learn about authentic and traditional Tantra. This one-day course will fill that gap. You will be introduced to what many describe as the “essence of traditional yogic practice and philosophy.” Tantra interprets the word yoga as “union” and in this workshop, you will learn some basic techniques on how we can elevate ourselves through every action.

You will learn:

  • A simple Tantric meditation technique
  • How to combine mindfulness and mantra meditation
  • The Tantric philosophy of seeing oneness in everything
  • The art and science of mantra meditation
  • The importance of concentration to build will power and clarity
  • Traditional and scientific insights into kundalini and chakras





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