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The Phoenix Retreat: Movement Medicine | July 21 – July 26 2020

THE PHOENIX RETREAT is designed to catalyze you into a new level of awareness, enabling you to assume responsibility for and commitment to living your life in alignment with your deepest purpose. This is the core work and central icon of Movement Medicine practice. It invites us to participate in the healing that is necessary for us to make the impossible possible. Whatever our individual and collective wounds, we all have within us the power to overcome them and become part of a growing new story in which we recognize ourselves and each other as part of one global human family, all of us part of the web of life on which we all depend. At the completion of this intensive you will have gained a thorough understanding of the Phoenix process, and will be provided with the support materials to practice at home.


        • Invoking the power of Phoenix medicine, you will be guided to find a space of refuge inside you where you can reconnect with the wildness and power of ‘nature unbroken’ within you and around you.
        • This place reminds us of the mystery of life and helps us to navigate through it.
        • Delicious Vegetarian Meals
        • Spend 6 days in deep ceremony
        • You are warmly welcome to the scenic and peaceful Prama Institute, surrounded by fresh natural springs, miles of hiking trails, and starlit nights. Located on 150 acres in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, bordering the scenic French Broad River, only 25 min from downtown Asheville , and just 5 minutes to from historic Marshall NC.

The School of Movement Medicine:

Weaves together the exhilaration of free dance with the depth of movement meditation and the spirit of shamanic practice.
Developed by 
Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan over a period of 30 years of study and practice with many teachers and teachings worldwide, including Teachers from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon, an 18-year apprenticeship with Gabrielle Roth & 5Rhythms, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Family Constellations and work with the Pachamama Alliance.    

To participate in the Phoenix Retreat, you need to have completed 25 hours of Movement Medicine or other related practice (5Rhythms, Open Floor, Soul Motion, Ecstatic Dance, etc). You also need to have the inner and outer resources and support that means you can engage with this intense personal work in a responsible way. If you are unsure whether you meet the prerequisites, please enquire. 

DAVID MOONEY is a fully qualified and practicing psychotherapist based in Dublin Ireland. He integrates these skills and his passion for shamanic pathways into his work as a qualified Movement Medicine Teacher throughout Europe. David is deeply committed to the work of Movement Medicine, as a contemporary map to explore what it means to be alive in these times and how to transform patterns and wounds into opportunities for growth so we can give all that we can in this lifetime.


 "I started dancing with The School of Movement medicine when I lived in England, during its beginning days. What a gift to have a School workshop in the part of the USA where I grew up (the Chicagoland area). This was the first time I attended a workshop taught by David. I would do it again without hesitation. David and assistant teachers created with Presence of Heart, a space in which I was able to be brave and imaginative.  In a room of strangers, I danced with profound questions of my soul. I experienced the workshop as nourishing and expansive. I particularly appreciated David's humility and grace. I offer up a thousand thanks (a turn of phrase David used beautifully) to him, his assistants and the School of Movement Medicine for this work." 
– Veena Vasista, Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner

"Participating in the Presence of Heart workshop this past July was one of the blessings of 2019.  The work we did in such an open and nurturing community was truly transformative.  I am still processing what was stirred up and am  grateful for beginning the process of learning what it means to listen.  I’ve had several experiences which have brought home the power of silence while being present.  I have discovered that our weekend adventure inspired me to tiptoe toward my edge for fully embracing change, and I have taken some steps backward.  I am yearning to immerse myself in the transformative and healing waters of Movement Medicine again."
--Debbie, Chicago July 2019 Participant


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