Wellness Weekend | Nov 9 – 11, 2018


Have you started a daily yoga practice at home but find it challenging to keep it going? Would you like to meditate at home every day but feel that you don’t have the time? This retreat will help you be successful in creating a healthy yoga and meditation practice at home.

The most effective way to improve health and to reduce stress is to change our lifestyle. That is the conclusion of Dr. Dean Ornish and his research team. And no surprise, the best lifestyle changes, they suggest, are yoga, meditation, nutrition, exercise and group support.

These healthy, stress-reducing habits have proven so effective, in fact, they can even “turn on” disease-preventing genes and “turn off” genes promoting cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  But what is the main secret to maintaining a healthy yoga and meditation lifestyle at home? Join us at this retreat to find out.

Many people today are experiencing the profound benefits of practicing yoga poses (asanas) in a yoga studio a few times per week. But yoga is much more than just practicing physical poses in a studio. Yoga is a lifestyle. In addition to asanas, the yoga lifestyle includes herbal medicine (Ayurveda), diet, and, perhaps most importantly, meditation.

We gain the most benefits from this ancient art and science when we practice meditation and yoga daily at home. This retreat is about the secrets to developing a regular home practice.

Yoga Lifestyle involves the use of asana poses, breathing, meditation, food, herbs, juice and water to create vibrant physical and inner transformation. And when we practice these lifestyle habits at home on a daily basis, we develop an inner energy and flow that can be truly uplifting and liberating. Come join us in this life transforming retreat.

Shared Accommodation – $450

Private Accommodation –$550

Massage is also available for an extra fee. Book now and save! 

Deep Tissue Massage

Rejuvenation Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Thai Massage

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