Ramesh Bjonnes

Ramesh Bjonnes has been teaching and writing about yoga philosophy and history for the past 25 years. He is the co-founder of the Prama Institute, a yoga retreat center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA, where he is director of the Prama Wellness Center. He is on the faculty of the world-renowned Embodied Philosophy and the author of three books on yoga and Tantra, including A Brief History of Yoga. Websites: www.prama.org  www.rameshbjonnes.org

Wisdom of Yoga | Feb 7-March 7, 2022

With Ramesh Bjonnes, author of A Brief History of Yoga

Date and Times: Mondays, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm EST (10 min break at 8:00pm)
Feb 7 – March 7, 2022  (Online Zoom Program)

*Students will receive Certificate of Completion and 12 CEUs from Yoga Alliance


Do you want to take a deep dive into the inner meaning and tradition of yoga? Then this comprehensive course is for you.

Learn the basics of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedanta and how to apply these wisdom philosophies in your own life

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner or a teacher, this course will take you on a fascinating journey into the transformative teachings of yoga. In this interactive course, the wisdom of yoga will be made relevant to the modern practitioner without compromising the ancient legacy and integrity of the tradition.

Here are the topics for the five weekly sessions:

1. The Quest for Happiness: The Experience of Yoga in Daily Life

The inner goal of yoga is to experience Ananda or happiness, not as a fleeting experience, but as a continuous state of being. In this class you will be introduced to the classical teachings of yoga and Tantra philosophy—that everything is an expression of Divine Consciousness—and some of the meditation practices enabling us to live more in the presence of the Divine.

2. The Worldview of Yoga: How the Wisdom of Yoga Can Guide Us in Daily Life

The dominant worldview today is that we are disconnected, that we are a split between mind and body, that we are at odds with nature. Yoga teaches us that to live is to be connected—to ourselves, to others, and to nature. In this class we will dive deep into the heart of the perennial wisdom of yoga and Tantra and how to apply those teachings in daily life.

3. The History of Yoga: The Value of Tradition in a Changing World

The history of yoga is in many ways the history of humanity’s most sophisticated search for spiritual illumination. In this class you will learn how systematic, profound, mystical, practical, and beautiful that human journey has been and will continue to become. The yoga practiced today in yoga studios—the various styles of posture yoga —is only one expression of yoga, and most of these postures are not even that old. Traditionally, these practices were developed to prepare the body for the deeper practices of breath control, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation, and union with the Divine. You will enter the enchanting world of a practice that has lasted more than 5000 years.

4. Karma, Samskara, and Freedom:  How the Law of Karma can Shape and Free Us 

Yoga psychology is very sophisticated yet very practical. The law of karma—or more precisely, the law of samskaras, the mental imprints from our past—are at the heart of these teachings. This law shapes who we are, how we feel, even how we look, but it also teaches us how to change and how to find freedom and to live more in the Now. In this class you will learn the practice of Madhuvidya, or Honey Knowledge—how to feel the presence and grace of the Divine in daily life. You will also learn a simple practice to release the karma of the past.

5. Yoga and Health: Health Secrets from Ayurveda and Yoga

Yoga teaches us that the universe, including us, is composed of two states of being—consciousness and energy. Ayurveda teaches us, in both simple and sophisticated ways, how we can use the energetic part—the body and the mind—to unite and live more in harmony with the conscious part, with our deep Self. You will learn simple, practical techniques for how to use your own body and vital energy to live a more awakened life.


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