I fully enjoyed my time at Prama.  Experiencing a juice detox with the support and knowledge of the staff and guests made it a breeze.  I also enjoy my alone time and was able to fully reflect on my life.  I will be back soon.


I came here a bit apprehensive but the experience was nearly perfect.  It nourished me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in ways I did not even know I needed.  The education and information provided really exceeded my expectations.  I learned so much.  I give Prama and A+.

Brandon M

The world is blessed to have Prama Institute and Wellness Center!  I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to complete a 5 day detox program.  The experience is life changing and to be able to be here with such support, care love, and joy makes it possible.  If you are ready to embrace change – visit PRAMA.

Maggie Cooper

The world of yoga and vegetarian eating, meditation have always been a mystery to me and I couldn’t see a way to introduce the health benefits without being a fanatic and taking myself out of the social interactions of my world.  I now have the freedom, knowledge, incentive and practice to take this amazing life style into my ‘other’ world.  I am blessed.

Judi Franklin

I was not exactly sure what to expect coming to Prama.  I knew it would teach me yoga and meditation and I might lose a few pounds from the fast, but nothing could have prepared me for the amazing emotional and spiritual side.  I drove in nervous, and I am leaving happy, calm, and lighter.

Megan Reeves

The Prama team is amazing! They gave me the tools to reverse my diabetes. With their lifestyle change I lost 65 lbs, lowered my A1c 4 points, and now walk 6 miles a day. Thank you Team Prama for saving my life!

Max Paul Franklin


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