Certificate Program 2024

The Prama Wellness Method is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Become a Certified Teacher of the Prama Wellness MethodTM 2024

Combining yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, juice cleansing, and plant-based nutrition, The Prama Wellness Method has become a proven system inspiring thousands to adopt a lifestyle of vibrant health and mental peace.

Who will benefit from this Certificate Program?

Anyone interested in or practicing holistic or preventive health can benefit from this program, including

• Yoga teachers and studio owners
• Life and health coaches
• Plant-based dieticians and nutritionists
• Massage therapists
• Alternative or complementary health professionals
• Any wellness practitioner

What You Will Learn

A Prama Wellness Method™ certificate program will enrich your health and wellness practice. You will be provided with tools and methods to improve your consulting skills, as well as receive knowledge you can integrate into a variety of holistic practices. This unique lifestyle approach to health prevention will be immensely helpful in your practice, clinic, or wellness center.

  • REffective yoga and meditation practices to reduce stress and increase wellbeing
  • RPlant-based nutrition for better health and more energy
  • RHow to utilize nutrient-dense and antioxidant foods to increase longevity
  • RJuice cleansing and intermittent fasting methods to reduce inflammation
  • RYoga practices for better digestion and immunity
  • RAyurvedic lifestyle lessons to improve your own and your client’s health
  • RVerified methods to help clients overcome food cravings

What people say about the Prama Wellness Method?

The Certificate Program Instructors

The program will be taught by some of the best and most experienced teachers in yoga, meditation, plant-based food, fasting, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and emotional eating.

Prama Wellness Method™ Certificate Program

Choose One of Two Options for This Course

Hybrid Program

Online classes

In-person attendance at our 5-Day and 3-Day Juice Cleanse retreats

Online Program

Online classes

Online attendance via zoom at our 5-Day and 3-Day Juice Cleanse retreats

Become a Certified Practitioner of this Revolutionary Lifestyle Method


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