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The Prama Wellness Center is situated on a 5 acre lot and is surrounded by 130 acres of farm land, forests, rivers and beautiful cliffs.  There are also plenty of great trails to explore the beautiful countryside.

The Prama Wellness Center was constructed in 2012.  Since then it has been the home for all our wellness and yoga detox programs.
















The Wellness Center has a total of 5 bedrooms.  Depending on the event and the needs of the participants, these rooms can be utilized as private rooms for singles or couples and also for groups of up to 4.  When registering for one of our programs please ask us about room availability if you have any special needs.  General the regular price for our events if for shared accommodation.  One of our room features a shower for those with physical disabilities.  Please note that there are extra charges for those needing private rooms and we can not guarantee a private room for all participants.  If you have any questions please submit below.  This link will go directly to our wellness center manager.



well5Thanks to a generous donation from one of our supporters, the Prama Wellness Center now offers participants use of this beautiful Hot Tub and Sauna.  The hot tub does not use any harsh chemicals like chlorine or bhromine.  Instead the hot tub uses copper ions and ozone to keep the water clean and clear.  Sitting in this under the stars is a truly magical experience.  The sauna offers participants the chance to deeply detoxify their bodies through sweat.  Sauna’s and sweat lodges have been used for centuries for health and wellness.  Why not come by for a visit!

Interested in a day spa visit?  CLICK HERE for more info!

well7Our main meeting space for Yoga, Meditation and Workshops is warm and welcoming.  All natural building products were used in the construction of this building.

well9The front lobby serves as a great space for tea, conversation or to curl up with an IPad and Netflix.

well8Our intimate dinning room reminds most participants of a warm and inviting family style dinner table.  The space can comfortably fit 8 – 10 people.


Situated on 5 acres and surrounded by 130 acres of forest, streams and farms, there are many beautiful trails and paths to explore.  One of our favorite on site attractions is the 150ft cliffs that over look the french broad river.  If you have never been to North Carolina, google “Blue Ridge Mountains” to see what beauty the area has to offer.

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