Whole-Person Health Coaching

With Dr. Chris Guthrey

Dr. Chris Guthrey is a psychologist trained in transpersonal psychology and believes in a holistic approach to well-being. He specializes in mindfulness and maintains his own daily meditation practice.  He values guiding others through example and embodies wellness by living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes Can Be Difficult Without Support

Making lasting changes is challenging for many reasons including our long standing emotional attachments to food and lifestyle patterns including relationships to stress, exercise, self-care and even other people. The path to complete and sustained wellness requires exploration and development around these emotional connections we have developed, and overcoming these challenges and creating new, healthier patterns can be difficult without support. Whole-Person Life Coaching combines traditional psychology with a self-empowering approach to help you overcome challenges on the way to live a healthier and happier life!

Whole-Person Life Coaching has you working personally with Psychologist, Dr. Chris Guthrey in order to explore  emotional connections to food, unhealthy habits or just about anything that could be providing a challenge to meeting your goals. With Chris you will have a chance to get in-depth with defining your personal goals to develop a life that is healthy and fulfilling to you. Whether it’s addressing the skills to successfully make positive lifestyle changes, or extra support with unlearning old patterns and finding new ones, Chris will guide and explore with you what works and what doesn’t to grow more fully into a whole and healthy you.

Choose a package that works for you!

Individual Session

$75 per hour


Silver Package

4 sessions for $275


Gold Package

8 sessions for $400


Sessions Can Take Place A Number Of Ways!




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General Info

Sessions are available Monday’s and Wednesdays.

Sessions held in-person are available at two convenient locations.

Prama Wellness Center (Marshall NC)

70 Woodfin Pl. (Downtown Asheville)

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Type Of Session
By PhoneBy SkypeIn-Person

In-Person Location (If Applicable)
PWC MarshallDowntown Asheville

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