Individual Stay

Personalized Yoga Detox & Juice Cleanse retreats designed to fit your schedule and budget.

Fresh Juices & Meals

Your stay includes all fresh juices and delicious meals.

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Daily Yoga & Meditation classes are included in your personal stay.

Sauna and Endless Pool

Relax and melt away the stress in our Cedar Sauna and Endless Pool

Wellness Consultations

Personal Wellness Consultations are also included in your stay.


On Your Own Time


For those who want a more personalized Yoga Detox program, something outside of our monthly group retreats, we offer the opportunity to visit our center on your own time.  These individual stays are a great way to rest and relax, and deal with any health issues that might need more personal attention.  This program is ideal for those who would like a less scheduled experience and a more individualized program.

*Please note during your individual stay there may be 1-6 other guests also on retreat*

Booking is made easy with our online reservation system.  Check out our calendar below for available dates and to reserve your Individual Wellness Stay.

Pricing & Discounts

2 & 3 Nights Stay

Price =  $260


Per night / Per  Person

Our 2 & 3 night individual retreats can be a great introduction to what it means to relax, detox and rejuvenate at the Prama Wellness Center.  These individual retreats are a great way to enjoy our holistic program at your own pace outside of a formal group retreat.  Finding the will power to make the changes for better health and wellness can be difficult.  At the Prama Wellness Center we handle all the logistics so you can relax and rejuvenate peacefully.

4 + Nights Stay

Price =  $260


Per night / Per  Person

Our 4 + night individual retreats are for those who want a deeper, more extend Yogic Detox experience.  More then 4 days seems to be our most popular program and offers a great balance between time, cost and quality of cleanse.  These are perfect for those who can take a few extra days and want an experience a deeper program designed for their specific needs.

1 Month Life Changer

Price =  $260


Per night / Per  Person

Some of our past clients have called this program the “Life Changer”, hence the name.  This 30 day Yoga Detox program is our most profound and comprehensive program to date.  Our team will put together a schedule designed specifically for your needs.  A combination of healthy and delicious meals, fresh juices and support from our experienced staff will form the foundation for your extended juice and vegetable cleanse.  Top that with daily yoga and meditation and you have a truly life changing experience.

*Prama Wellness does not guarantee results. Results can vary*

Individual Stay Reservations – (available dates are marked in green)

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