To find the right spot for the members of your business or organization, you need to consider a wide range of factors. The perfect venue for your event must be one of the best corporate retreat locations available. It also should suit the purpose and tone of your event, giving you all the amenities that’ll make your guests comfortable. They work hard all year long to help others — they deserve a little downtime of their own.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when you’re choosing a venue for your next corporate retreat.


The location you choose must be easily accessible for all participants. Make sure there will be secure and straightforward transportation routes to and from the venue either by train, car or air. If you have a fairly large number of guests who will be coming with their own cars, be sure there’s adequate parking space for them at the venue.


The best corporate retreat locations have both lodging and conference facilities at the same venue. It’s always great to have good suites for sleeping at the venue. But some locations have very nice hotels close to the retreat center, so you can opt for a special arrangement to transport your guests to and from every day. However, this will raise the cost of the event significantly.


It’s crucial to have a well-written budget for the event. It should cover the cost of the main event, lodging and catering. But some venues will allow you to use their facility and negotiate a special price if they’re sure you’ll be using the facility more than once during the year. It’s important to explain your budgetary limits shortly after you contact the manager of the venue.

Ensuring you don’t overspend with the funds available to your business or organization doesn’t mean you have to visit an unappealing place. You can still choose from some of the best corporate retreat locations — you’ll just need to find the right spot with people who respect your budgetary restrictions.

Qualified Employees at the Venue

Ask about the number of staff that’ll attend to you during the event. For the event to run smoothly, you’ll need to have enough hands for security, catering, sanitation and other services. Where necessary, you may need to arrange for ad-hoc staff to meet the special needs of your guests. As much as possible, opt for a venue that has a dedicated event manager with whom you can plan each day’s activities.


Make a list of all the equipment you’re likely to need for the event and find out if the venue provides it. Your list should include a public-address system, projectors, TV screens, Wi-Fi and internet access. Find out if the venue wants you to rent these items or if they are provided for free. You should also find out the total seating capacity of the main hall and ask if they offer multiple conference rooms.

Food and Catering

While most locations provide catering facilities, you must be diligent enough to find out if they’ll be adequate for your needs. Ask about the number of guests they can cater for per day and the kinds of meals they serve. If the facility seems inadequate, you need to make plans with an outside caterer. Your catering arrangement must also take care of attendees with special dietary needs.

Those are some of the primary factors to consider when you need to find the right spot for a business or organization retreat. At Prama Institute, we have a venue perfectly suited for companies, nonprofit organizations, and any formal or informal group. It can accommodate day meetings and workshops as well as overnight retreats. Our facility features a large meeting hall and small break-out rooms. The beautiful, serene surroundings are conducive for serious work events as well as peaceful getaways. The Prama Institute is easily accessible for participants traveling by air or road. Contact us to learn more and schedule your next organizational event.

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