History of Prama Institute & Wellness Center

History of Prama Institute & Wellness Center

This series will begin with the early history and move to the present expression of the PI and PWC to convey the intent of the founders and the relationship with the broader community that has come to appreciate the special nauture of what the PI and PWC offers to...

Benefits of Silent Meditation

Silent Meditation Retreat Benefits: Expanding creativity, peacefulness, self-realization, service to others and being your own best friend.   Via Dr. Sid Jordan | April 12, 2015 Expanding Creative Potential and Peaceful Moments Whether you are an experienced...

MEDITATION – Returning Home for the New Year

Via Dr. Sid Jordan | April 20, 2015 There is a growing body of neuro-science evidence that meditation slows the aging of the brain, enhances attention, calms the mind by producing more alpha and delta brain waves, and even increases grey matter of the brain...


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